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Energy management

A correct energy management is the most important task to be solved in order to optimize energy use in the real time, despite correct recognition of the situation and optimal implementation of energy efficiency means, no matter whether in a residential building, office or in a factory. Current energy demand is affected by different variable factors such as weather, number of persons in a building, ongoing production (volume and kind), season. In case of many objects it is possible to predict energy demand in predefined periods of time and using data sets acquired by FEWE thru many years. FEWE can offer developing of relevant data bases for energy management systems, performing measurements to develop such data base and after that making use of these data for real-time energy management.

The entities who are going to apply for additional economic gains to result from enhancement of their energy management we offer full cooperation in preparing applications for White Certificates. This is particularly important now because the way to obtain such Certificates shall be easier than before.

The entities who are ready to achieve savings thru cooperation with specialized and qualified companies paid from the savings obtained, we propose cooperation in procurement of contracts with the ESCO’s, based on Energy Performance Contracts,. This formula, although well-proven in developed countries is still not very popular in Poland however worth to be spread over the country, e.g. thru Public-Private-Partnerships, specifically in municipalities who are interested in optimizing their energy related costs, such as street lighting.

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