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Any undertakings aimed at energy conservation, demand mitigation and – as a result – decease of use, require predefining of technical and financial possibilities of implementing such a change.

In order to recognize circumstances of energy use at home, in the settlement, in an office, small company or big factory, it is always advantageous to perform an energy audit. Energy audit contains a detail analysis of the locations and amounts of energy usage thus helping to find situations in which energy saving undertakings are particularly effective and promising and helpful for making reasonable investments as well in financial as in technical perspective. Some industrial entities are or will be obliged to carry out energy audits and operators of any buildings who apply for financial support for retrofitting are obliged to prepare an audit.

FEWE, as a company has a very big experience in developing energy audits for any kind of entity and has a very big experience in verification of energy audits made within the national program of thermos-renovation of residential buildings, based upon Energy Retrofit Law. The number of audits either made or verified by us reaches some six thousand issues and covers a very wide area in terms of size of the audited objects and in terms of spectrum of renovation works. It also includes a number of supervisory projects for which we have been performing auditing works, as well for the EU as in Poland.

We also offer preparing Certificates of Energy Characteristics for any objects, and – in addition to this – energy service for municipalities. In addition to these, we have also co-operated ans authors of handbooks and have organized a number of trainings in terms of energy auditing.

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